Mikulak Vault

Continuing his evening, Mikulak lands his third Kasamatsu one and a half nicely, taking a small hop back, nearly sticking it. small leg separation on the entry and perhaps slightly off-axis on the flip but another great vault from Mikulak, showing why he was a 2012 Olympic vault finalist! Mikulak making us proud!

Mikulak Vault Score: 15.1

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Caesar High Bar

On his second routine of the evening Caesar knocks out the best hi bar routine of his season, working through a full Tak to a nice Yamawaki, beautiful Rybalko, hoping to see that upgrade to El next year the way he did it he. Beautiful half Tak, nice endo full spin. Good Stalder, slightly passed handstand in the Quast but sticks his layout half-in half-out like a toothpick in a sandwich.

Caesar Score: 14.925

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Ervin Vault

In his only Event Finals appearance of the day, Ervin looks to have trouble with his steps down the runway, is off on his punch off the board and thus his block and turnover suffers. He works to will himself around on his handspring double front but sits down.

Ervin Score: 13.775

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Awards: First Three Event Finals

In the first three events your Wolverines claimed five All-American citations, with Sam Mikulak finishing third on floor and fourth on pommel horse, co-captains Syque Caesar and Rohan Sebastian finishing tied for fourth, and Dylan James tying for sixth with Oklahoma’s Michael Reid.

Go Blue!

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Mikulak Pommel Horse

In his second routine of the day, Mikulak opens with his own scissor skill, traveling the length of the horse, then completes a scissor half back into the middle. He then settles into FLOPs, then nice tong Fei to triple Russian on the end, Magyar, sivado, two pommel circles then up to handstand for an E dismount, looks like he’ll finish on the wrong the side but saves it well. Great fight to finish out his set.

Mikulak Pommel Horse: 14.7

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Gaarenstroom Rings

Gaarenstroom smiles as he chalks up. In his first career NCAA Event Finals appearance, Gaaresntroom mounts with pull to invert kip Maltese, great position and then Azarian to cross. Lower then back uprise to Maltese, another nice position. Yamawaki, backup rise handstand. jonasson back uprise straddle planche and he’s picked up some swing. Hands it though, giant through and a hop forward on his lay out half in half out dismount.

Gaarenstroom Sore: 14.625, good enough for seventh place.

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Caesar Floor

In his first of three events in the evening, Caesar opens with a beautiful double full-full. Nie lay out Thomas back own the diag, wide arm press roll out to the center of the floor. Two and a half Barani stuck cold, whip back one a nod a half lay, no problems like Big Tn Event Finals, lands his full in a little low and takes a hop forward but is on his feet and smiling.

Caesar Score: 14.9 which puts him in second behind Mikluak with three competitors remaining.

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