Mikulak High Bar

In his fifth and final appearance in this afternoons Event Finals, Mikulak knocks another near flawless set out, showing a physical and mental toughness in his sixteenth, yes, sixteenth routine in the past sixty hours. Mikulak starts off with a big Kolman, catching smoothly, next a beautiful Rybalko, wouldn’t be surprised to see him upgrade that next year either given the way he’s been doing that. Perfect half Tak right to handstand, nice straddle Tkatchev half, another beautiful Tak, full this time, nice Yamawaki, straddle Tkatchev. Just a Stalder, good Quast, and capped off with a stuck lay out double-double! Doesn’t get much better than that!

Mikulak’s Score: 16.1 and he defends his National Title on high bar, picking up an additional one as well on Parallel Bars.

Go Blue!

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One Response to Mikulak High Bar

  1. Mom says:

    sooo PROUD !!

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