Send Your Congratulations!

Wolverine Faithful PLEASE send your congratulations to your 2013 NCAA National Champions on the newly published page on this blog! Leave a comment please!


Is great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

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15 Responses to Send Your Congratulations!

  1. Kevin Fay says:

    GO BLUE! Congrats guys 🙂

    KFay — ’07

  2. says:

    YYYYYYYYEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! This team is awesome, and champions FOREVER!
    GO BLUE!!!

  3. That was amazing guys, all accolades are well deserved! I loved following this team! Congrats especially to the Seniors!! #MGymDynasty

  4. Julianna says:

    Congratulations to “the Team!” Congrats Sam! Go Blue! Hail!

  5. Ken Pardiac says:

    It’s incredible to see UM beat out both PSU and Oklahoma after losing to them during the season. Thanks to Golder, the assistants and all the guys on the team. What a year! Go Blue!

  6. Congratulations on a great meet and NCAA championship! Congrats also to Sam and Adrian – #1 and 2 in the country! Go Blue!

  7. William C. Potter says:

    Great job. You are great ambassadors for the university. Bill Potter JD 65

  8. Diane Strathern says:

    CONGRATULATIONS to the NCAA National Champs!!!! So proud of this great team. You deserve this great WIN

  9. John Wilhelm says:

    You made us proud! Well done.

  10. Robert Jobe says:

    Congrats to the entire team. What an accomplishment! Go Blue!

  11. Brad says:

    Congratulations to the Michigan men’s gymnastic team on winning the NCAA title!! #GoBlue

  12. Justin Toman says:

    Congratulations Michigan! Great way to cap off a fantastic season. You’ve made all us fans and alumni proud.
    Go Blue
    -Justin Toman

  13. Tracey Kocik says:

    Huge congratulations to Coach Golder and the guys!!! A perfect ending to an amazing season. GO BLUE!

  14. Naidene James says:

    Great job, boys!!!! We are so proud of each of you! Ian, great reporting–it really made it exciting for us on the west coast. Congratulations, Coach Golder, Coach Xiao, Coach Geoff!!! Your boys are great! Thanks for all your hard work. Naidene and Tom James

  15. Daniel Blanding says:

    What a team! You make us proud! Words are insufficient, but we have to try – Nothing is better than a Michigan Wolverine It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine! Thanks men, and congratulations! GO BLUE!!!


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