Ervin Floor

Front full double pike, low on landing but keeps his feet. Beautiful layout Arabian double front, stuck. One and a half-double full down the side, small step back, nice two and half-Barani down the side, smooth lay out Thomas, takes a breath, hears the bell, Arabian double pike dismount. Too far back and sits down the dismount.

Michigan closes out with only two falls on the evening- thats 93.3 hit percentage. That concludes Session I and Michigan qualifies in first with a 443.85. Oklahoma is second with a 433.85 and Illinois finishes with 426.9.

Your Wolverines head home to get some rest, recover, eat, ice, stretch, get some rehab and get ready for the big meet tomorrow. Following the conclusion of Session II this evening, the will be a draw meeting for the coaches and after their score this afternoon, your Wolverines should be fairly-well placed for a good pick of starting events.

Stay tuned for notes, updates and a re-cap. Go Blue!

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2 Responses to Ervin Floor

  1. Kari harrower says:

    Great to watch online!!! Michigan looks healthy and strong! Here’s to success on Saturday!!! Go Blue!

  2. Linda Rosso says:

    Great job!! Thanks for keeping us unfortunate souls who cannot be there today informed!! Way to Go Blue!!

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